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525, 600 Minutes

5 August 1986
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Carmen. 21. Student. Writer. RPer. Occasional artist. Mad for Harry Potter.

AIM: indigocarmen
Y!M: carminecarmen

Lately, I'm more of an RPer than a writer, but when I do write you can find my stories here, or at my Hex Files account. Most of my RPing is done on GreatestJournal, and you can find an almost complete list of the RPs I participate in, and the characters I play, over on my GreatestJournal (f-locked).

This journal is friends only. I am not currently accepting new friends.

I believe in the honour system, if I mark my work as only being suitable for ages seventeen and up, please take careful note of the rating. Note: My stories are SLASH and FEMMESLASH oriented! This means homosexual relationships! BE AWARE!

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agony in stony places, an automatic hand, frosty silence in the gardens, no water but only rock, putting a record on the gramophone, torchlight red on sweaty faces, washing feet in soda water